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Wrap up of 2014 for Asq Projects

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We can almost see those NYE fireworks in the sky, but before we start the festivities, let’s recap on the year at Asq Projects…


Lots of business-related concepts are often taken out of context and misunderstood. IT strategy is one of them. With the recent convergence of digital technology, such as cloud, social media, mobility and analytics, IT has become more of a strategic weapon than a functional unit supporting the business.

The importance of strategy


We were treated to a guest post from Fi Slaven on helping to bridge the gender gap in the IT industry…

Get them while they’re young


Recruiting the right people for projects is a key factor to a successful outcome.

Hire properly, hire once


In April we launched our project health check tool to obtain a current snap shot of your project and pin point any problem areas.

When was your last health check?


Adrian Reed, UK specialist in business change, shared with us his perspectives on what makes a successful project.

Avoiding analysis paralysis

We also held an Asquarterly event where the panel discussed Windows XP end of life. Read the round up here.


As a follow up to the Asquarterly event, where data breaches where discussed, we looked further as SaaS and BYOD practices in organisations and what risks and benefits they bring.

Data breach – an unavoidable reality?


Asq were at the CIO summit this July and Steve was interviewed at the event on his insights on change and project management.

Asq at the CIO summit


At our Asquarterly event in August we held a lively debate between Steve and Michael (of Mindset Group) to learn the challenges faced by change and project managers in creating a unified team.

Change meets project management


The role of Project Management Offices, or PMOs, is always a hot topic amongst project managers. Either their organisation already has one, and they are facing challenges in making it work, or they desperately need one but cannot convince the executive team of the value it can bring.

To PMO or not to PMO?


Data breaches and security threats are common reasons for holding onto legacy systems as a ‘safe haven’ – they’re good for disaster recovery, no downtime, low cost of ownership, good for security etc.

But, as the below research proves, we are experiencing a shift as more companies move towards cloud-based, new technology solutions across their enterprise resource software

Why is everyone torn between SaaS and legacy systems?


We look ahead to 2015, and beyond, for growing trends affecting the project management space. Whilst these might not necessarily be new trends, they are certainly picking up pace and many will become mainstream as we move ahead.

What will 2015 (and ahead) look like for projects?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, partners and customers for their hard work and commitment throughout 2014 and we look forward to working with you all again in 2015.

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