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Women in ICT

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We’re so pleased for Asq associate Fi Slaven who has been elected to the Board of Vic ICT for Women.

Fi is a keen advocate not only for women in IT, but diversity in the workplace in general. Read this recent blog post published by CIO, with a contribution from Fi “ICT’s Masculine Identity“. Fi is the author of the white paper “Implementing Best-in-Class Change Management Methods“.

Fi Slaven - Vic ICT for Women - White Paper

See the details of the release from Vic ICT for Women this week:

We are pleased to announce that the following candidates were elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday November 13th 2013:

  • Fi Slaven
  • Kaye Fox
  • Susan Sly
  • Vanessa Potts

Congratulations to Fi, Kaye, Susan and Vanessa, who will be joining our current Board members:

  • Chris Skipper-Conway (Chair)
  • Kaylene O’Brien (Vice Chair)
  • Irene Evgeniadis (Vice Chair)
  • Natasha Norton
  • Noel Williams
  • Priya Ravindra

We are very excited to be working with these dedicated and successful women and introducing their experience and expertise to the Vic ICT for Women Board.

We are also thrilled to announce that the following members have agreed to be advisors to the Board for selected programs:

  • Belinda Weibye – ‘Importance of Women in IT’
  • Louise Segafredo – ‘Go Girl GO for IT’ plus ‘Project/Program Framework’
  • Orlando Gibson – ‘Mentoring Program’

Thank you for your commitment and support Belinda, Louise and Orlando.

It was with regret that the resignations of Calina Frandas and Rachael Dalton were accepted at the meeting.   Calina and Rachael have been dedicated and hard working members of the Board for a number of years.   Calina has successfully faciltated the monthly ‘Importance of Women in IT’ events held at IBM.    Rachael, until her resignation, held the position of Treasurer and was also the lead for the successful 2012 ‘Go Girl GO for IT’ event.    Thank you Rachael and Calina and all the best for the future.

We are looking forward to building on the strengths of Vic ICT for Women, and are confident that our Board and new advisors position us well for an exceptional 2014.

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