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Putting the Community into IT

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Welcome to Asq Projects blog. We’ve created this space as a resource to share and create conversations in the IT and IT Project Management community. Since I founded Asq Projects in 2001 we have connected with thousands of highly experienced IT professionals across the Asia Pacific region from CIO to BA, PM to Test Manager, Change Manager to Programme Director – we’ve made friends with them all. We value the broad experiences and insights this community has into PMOs, Projects, and people – and by creating an open forum with no agenda other than the creation of conversations we hope that you will be able to share, question, learn and exchange your professional knowledge for the combined benefit of the industry with a view to raising the bar generally.

Asq Projects will share white papers and discussion documents of its own via this blog, based in its particular specialisms in PMO, Project delivery and resourcing. We believe we can provide interesting and useful content, we wish to foster questioning and conversations and welcome input from guest bloggers, or simply those who wish to share an example of best practice (or indeed a “learn from this mistake” angle!)

As Asq Projects grows-up and enters its teens, so we’ve developed a new visual identity including a new web site (we’re not sure we can really believe how OLD the old web site was!) and made a conscious decision at a leadership level to create a knowledge exchange that will help advance the  industry that has been very good to us. The centrepiece of this is the creation of the “Asquarterly Forum”, officially launched this evening (17th October 2013) at an inaugural event attended by over 100 of our clients, colleagues and peers. We geeks are pretty underrepresented when it comes to the opportunity to meet face-to-face, which is why we have decided to facilitate a quarterly catch-up to enable real life conversations to be had.

The Website Before and After our Makeover

The goal is to present specialised guest speakers to the group – and in time allow the speakers/subject matter to be crowd-sourced from the community. It’s important to us that each event delivers value in terms of knowledge-share, but also that it raises questions, stimulates conversation and debate, and helps you deliver increasing benefit in your role and to your organisation.

I invite you to bookmark or follow this blog, also to follow Asq Projects on LinkedIn where we will share interesting industry articles from time-to-time, and keep you posted on forthcoming events, etc. As for “what’s in it for us?” we figure that what goes around, comes around – if we’re good to our community, it will return good things to us. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, speaking at a forthcoming event, or have a subject you would like raised and discussed you can contact any of the team at Asq.

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