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Posted in , by on January 23, 2014 and has 6 Comments

Our Asquarterly events are designed to be a catalyst for discussion and action. Click here if you haven’t already registered

Do you have a question for Bob?
This quarter Steve Pulman will be interviewing Bob Sharon from Green Global Consulting on the subject of Green IT and why it should feature prominently in any CIO’s strategic plan. If you have a burning question relating to IT sustainability please comment on this post and we’ll either pose it to Bob at the event, or pass it on for his personal response (if it’s a bit too specific for the entire audience).

What about the cloud?

What shall we talk about next?
The Asquarterly is all about you – so tell us what you’d like to discuss next. The plan in April is to assemble a specialist panel to discuss the following topics, inviting interaction from the floor:
– The pending end of support for WindowsXP
– BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
– Cloud for the enterprise

To contribute please comment below.Asquarterly


  • Claire

    Hi Bob – can you provide some insight for smaller businesses and how they can implement green IT policies without the big budgets? Thanks!

  • Looking forward to this one!

  • Question for Bob (or anyone who wants to join in…) While energy efficiency is still a big driver for “Green IT”, the notion has matured to include hardware lifecycle management. What are some of the key ways you recommend to reduce the volume and toxicity of outdated equipment?

    • That’s a very good question Jim, thank you. I think everyone would like to hear about this at the event so I’ll discuss this with the Asq team and provide a response for you on the night.

  • Well, my answer is “that depends”. Having said that, as an example, I would start by going to a service provider who offers cloud office and messaging services. For example, we have exchange hosted and so all we pay is a small monthly fee per email address and the same for office. No need for servers etc. That’s just for starters – feel free to come and chat to me or any of the guys from Asq at the event on Thursday.

  • Good question, Jim. There are two responses – the more traditional and the contemporary. Traditional looks at the infrastructure capital expenditure cost, on-going energy consumption cost, maintenance costs as well as management costs for a full TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The contemporary approach looks at inputs and outputs from cradle to grave – this is much more relevant given the huge impact on our environment. This is a really important issue and we’ll be sure to raise it on Thursday evening for discussion.

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