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How Asq is transforming recruitment services

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Clients are often surprised to hear that we also offer recruitment services as part of our project and change management consulting suite. For us, it’s a natural link to make – we help companies manage change, implement projects and facilitate business transformation – along the way it’s inevitable that talent acquisition is needed, so why not combine it? By doing this, we are also able to help keep the business on track with their project deliverables without having to pause each time a recruitment process needs to happen.

So how do we do this?

We spend a tremendous amount of time and resources organically nurturing and growing our candidates through interacting with specialised information technologists such as IT architects, business analysts, service delivery specialists, IT managers and sales professionals across end clients, government and the vendor communities. This helps us identify and engage these specialists on new and exciting assignments that fit not only their competencies but also their desires for their own professional goals.

As a performance-based organisation by design (we follow what we advise others to do!), our inherent business consulting behaviour often leads to discussions about how we can help businesses with an end point recruitment solution that fully supports the work we are already helping them to do. We have their best interests top of mind, because it drives us towards a successful outcome, and we are able to add a big advantage instead of just filling an empty seat.

At Asq, we firmly believe (because we’ve seen it in action) that our approach offers a value greater than the sum of our parts; we are a collective of senior IT professionals ranging from IT Professional Services General Managers to Technical Service Delivery Managers and PMO Directors – so we get business! We also understand the importance of having the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions when you need them, for your current project and beyond.

Our recruitment services

We are recruitment, technology, project management and business transformation evangelists and only deliver best of breed solutions, including:

  • On-demand

We understand that it’s not possible to keep highly-trained resources sat on the bench, or recruit a specialist for a short period of time to deliver smaller, niche projects. This assumes you even have capacity in your HR function to select an appropriate technical candidate or experienced Project Manager to work on your project. Now you don’t have to. In addition to our own resources, Asq has a database, built over 15 years, of highly skilled project management professionals from BA, to Change, Test, QA, Programme and Project Managers.

Asq works as part of your team to deliver a Project Management Office (PMO) with the appropriate skill and scale, as you need it.

What are the benefits of this approach?

  • Ideal for non-line of business, non-critical projects
  • Works well when you may not need a 5 day a week resource
  • Delivers suitably capable and experienced senior resources, quickly
  • Combines industry exposure and technical expertise
  • Contract

We will work with you and your team to understand your specific requirements. By the very nature of appointing a contract role, you and your team may not have the in-house skills to define, scope and interview for a particular specialised skill-set. Asq can hold your hand through this process. Contractors can be appointed on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or fixed term basis.

  • Search and placement

We’ll meet with you to take a brief for your position, and if required can assist in the definition and creation of a position description. We can advise your team on what attributes to look out for, the telling questions to ask at interview and how best to enhance and pitch your employer brand. If you accept a placement from Asq Projects and that person doesn’t work out, we provide a 6 month replacement guarantee.

Our commitment

We invest significantly in training and mentoring our internal staff in globally recognised courseware and thinking programmes, such as

  • Agile and Scrum
  • P3O

How do I know which approach is best for my business?

Defining the approach you will take to a project is as important as selecting the project manager to run it. With such a myriad of methodologies in play, how do you navigate the minefield and agree on the best approach for your project ­ in the context of the scope, time, quality, budget, available resources and clarity of the defined outcome?

The truth is no single model will ever be a 100% fit for any project. It is for this reason that Asq advocates and practices a flexible, methodology-agnostic approach where we pick the best parts of the models we know well and integrate them to drive the best outcome for the client.

How successful is this recruitment approach?

To be able to remain truly agnostic, yet have the capacity to continually assess project health and deliver results using these methodology frameworks, we continue to formally train and mentor our staff and provide them full access to our own internal subject matter experts throughout the life of the assignment they are engaged to. It is this support model for our staff and close interaction with them that has seen our ongoing success of deliverables.

If you’d like to hear how these recruitment services could benefit the project you are working on or planning, let’s talk. Contact the team of Asq consultants today.

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