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Asquarterly: how is mobile technology changing the way we work?

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Dubbed the future of work, mobile computing for enterprise is shifting the way we do business with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

By 2017 estimates show there will be 3 billion global devices including smartphones and tablets. Along with cloud computing, the enterprise world is unrecognisable, even from just a few years ago.

What are some of the challenges we can expect to face with this evolving way of working?

Combination of devices and network security

Using the required enterprise devices to get the job done whilst ensuring security is not being compromised, particularly for those out in the field.

Success of any rollout includes personal use of mobile

Employees will want to know how they can still use their own devices (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) but access everything they need for their work activities. The COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) model is also on the increase in some businesses where employees want to have a single device for work and personal use but security and efficiencies are not compromised.

Varying degrees of technical skills

Some employees may struggle with the transition from traditional PC-based work activities to doing everything on their smartphone or tablet. This change management piece is key to the success of any enterprise mobile rollout plan.

View and edit documents on the go

Everyone from sales and marketing representatives to customer service and field agents need to work on documents in real time to remain efficient, and not wait to return to the office to complete their work. This requires the latest social and storage applications to ensure the operations do not suffer.

Staff collaboration and real time data sharing

The main draw factor of mobile enterprise solutions is the collaboration opportunities, so the tools and technology need to be able to meet these growing and changing needs.

Choice of devices and applications

Employees, and organisations want the flexibility to choose devices and vendor-agnostic applications so they can remain on the front foot. The backend systems need to work in harmony to make this a reality. 


Cost savings is always on the agenda for organisations, but the investment in mobile technology – at the fast speed that it changes – means that ROI has never been more important.

Would you like to learn more about mobile enterprise technology from the people in the know?

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Matt Telfer, Director, Enterprise for Australia and New Zealand at Blackberry is our guest speaker and panel member at the upcoming Asquarterly event in Sydney. Matt develops strategic opportunities and engagements with enterprise and government customers, and will provide insights into where we are going in the workplace and how this is not just for the Big Boys.

Did you know that Blackberry provides innovative mobile solutions for organisations such as Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), Airbus Group Australia Pacific and the Australian National Audit Office? Come along and learn more!

Enjoy arrival drinks and canapés with industry colleagues before Matt is interviewed on the couch at Hotel CBD Fourth Floor.

Find out more about why, and how, having a mobile strategy is good for the bottom line and successful business. 

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